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Ancient History of Tilpat Village

Our ancient tilpat village has been attaching with history. It consist ancient history and sanskriti before Mahabharata Yuga which is exist in uterus of tilpat village earth. When Lord Krishna make out agreement between korava and pandava in dwapar Yuga, then as per agreement pandavas got state of khandav prastha.

    Pandava make a beautiful city which was capital of khandav prastha named as "indraprashtha" whose evidence exist at present in capital delhi named as "purana qila". At that time village tilpat was the first popular village under capital indraprashtha. Top five village ("panch pat") of capital indraprashtha of Pandavas (in Mahabharata Yuga) was as follows:-

    Tilprastha  (Now known as Tilpat village in district Faridabad (Haryana))

    Padavaprastha  (Now known as Panipat district in Haryana)

    Sonaprastha  (Now known as Sonipat district in Haryana)

    Bahakprastha  (Now known as Baghpat district in Utter Pradesh)

    Mariprastha  (Now known as Maripat )

At the time of mughal emperor (Aurangzeb) in year 1600 tilpat was called by name Tilpat Garhi.


History of Baba Surdas ji Tilpat Wale


Shri Shri 1008 Shri Kishori Sharan Ji Maharaj Baba Surdas Tilpat Wale born in Gathri village district poudi garhwal in state of Uttrakhand in Brahmin (pandit) family. He was blind since his birth. When he was 7 year old, left his home and their family at night reached Himalaya Parwat.

    At Himalaya parwat, he met with a sadhu and got knowledge about spirituality. After long visit baba reached at koyal ghati in Rishikesh (uttrakhand) and he did many years tapasya at bank of river of shri Ganga ji.

    Once night when he was sleeping got prerna of Mata Vaishno Devi darshan. So, In early morning he reached Katra city of state Jammu & Kashmir. After darshan of Mata Vaisno Devi baba reached district Amritsar of Punjab state and construct a large temple of radha ballabh. He also construct radha ballabh temple in Gujarat, virndavan.

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Baba ki katha (in hindi)

After long visit of many places baba reached at vrindavan met with shri parmanand ji maharaj. Baba surdas ji inspired by parmanand ji maharaj and get "kanthi mantra" as deemed fit his guru.

    After taking kanthi mantra baba walked from vrindavan. He stayed many places like- tatarpur, baghola, jatola, develi, gokulpur.

Prakatikaran of Baba Surdas in Tilpat

    In the year 1931 baba ji prakat near bansi wale ka talab (pond). Shri kharakiya was the person of tilpat village who has seen first time baba ji. Baba ji hold a stick and his bag in which a panchmukhi sankh and a bansi.

Shri kharakiya gave all respect and cames with baba ji in tilpat.

    Baba stayed at shiv mandir in tilpat village as priest. At that time the people of tilpat called baba ji with new name maharaj ji. In winter season there was a trend of singing of chopai (holi song) for entertainment in which baba ji play dholak and harmonium. He was avatar of shri harivansh chetanya mahaprabhu but nobody was aware about this fact.

    Baba ji construct a hut and well on a holy date and time. He also announced a "Maha Mantra- shri radha ballabh shri hari vansh shri vrindavan shri van chand" by his bansuri and aware the people with this mahamantra. He also made a "kirtan mandali" to aware and attract all the people towards "radha ballabh sampradaya". Every year baba organized many akhand-kirtan and shri maha bhagwat saptah and famous with the name "baba surdas ji tilpat wale"

    He has made its centre point in tilpat village (gaddi) and under the control of tilpat village gaddi baba ji also construct many temples in nearest villages like:-Dadasia, Lalpur, Mahawatpur, Bhopani, Riwajpur, Tikawali, Palwali, Mawai, Palla, Ballabhgarh, Jakholi atta, Jatta nithari, Sungarpur, Dahisra, Mangroli, bhogal (brij ghat)

    At last shri shri 1008 shri baba kishori sharan ji maharaj has passes away from tilpat village to gauloke (bakunthdham) to leave all its bhakat on dated 07th august 1979 (vikrami samivanth 2036 of shravan mass purnima) day of rakhsabandan.